Holly Pellham Davis discusses Beauty & Wellness

Holly Pellham Davis discusses Beauty & Wellness

                               Holly Pellham Davis, Founder of Clean Fresh Living, Inc. 10 Most Beautiful...

Probiotics & The Gut-Brain Connection.

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All About Holly Pellham Davis

Clean Fresh Living


Holly Pellham Davis hates plastic.

She’s not fond of conventional produce, genetically modified foods, or processed foods either, but plastic is what really rankles her. “Foods packaged in plastic typically contain additives, preservatives, shelf-life stabilizers, hydrogenated oils, dyes, and other harmful ingredients,” she explains.

Through her business, Clean Fresh Living, Holly educates clients on achieving optimal health and offers specific services ranging from eliminating plastics and other toxins to creating healthy and quick meal plans. For the past eight months, she has also served as a wellness contributor on the D Moms blog, D Moms Daily, sharing information and strategies to help readers live healthier lives. 

Reading Holly’s posts can be a bit like navigating the five stages of grief. There are a lot of things she wants you to eliminate from your life. Once you get past denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, you finally hit acceptance, nodding your head in agreement as she enlightens and informs.

Having reached the all-important acceptance stage myself, I knew I had to move beyond nodding and actually apply Holly’s wisdom to my own pantry. I thought it would be a relatively pain-free process, as, at first glance, the contents of my pantry appeared largely virtuous — ample whole grains, low-fat soups, and veggies. But upon closer investigation, I discovered a slew of red flags (i.e., stacks of canned goods, plastic bags teaming with white pasta, a motley stash of ancient candy). It was clear I needed Holly to walk me through the overhaul firsthand. She obliged, and after an afternoon of purging, replacing, and organizing the contents, I’m proud to say that my pantry is now the picture of health.

See more photos from our pantry makeover and download a list of Holly’s pantry essentials at moms.dmagazine.com/pantry.
photography by Elizabeth Lavin


1 / Ditch plastic and cans.
“No plastic is nontoxic, and most aluminum cans have a lining containing BPA, an endocrine-disrupting chemical banned in baby bottles but still used in can liners. Foods packaged in plastic and metal cans become contaminated by their containers. Eliminate this type of packaging.”

2 / Go for the real thing.
“Replace packaged, processed foods with alternatives that are closer to nature. For example, instead of (seemingly healthy) granola bars, stock your pantry with jars of organic nuts, dried fruits, and dark chocolate chips. Break it down and simplify. Health is not about deprivation; it’s about purity. Changing our qualifications for what we consider food will transform our body and support the perfect functions it performs.”

3 / Stock the staples. 
“As a working mom of two, I need cooking three meals a day to be fast and easy, so I keep my pantry filled with organic versions of quality olive oil, chicken broth, beans and lentils, salsa, diced tomatoes, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat spaghetti, nuts and seeds, rolled oats, buckwheat udon noodles, and organic dark chocolate bars (always the chocolate). A well-stocked pantry makes it hard to justify grabbing unhealthy food on the go.”

4 / Read the fine print.
“Sadly, just because something is on the shelves of a natural food market doesn’t automatically mean it’s good for you, so I am a vigilant label scrutinizer. Avoid anything containing MSG, high fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol (common in bakery icing—and antifreeze), and nonsustainable palm oil. Once you find brands that live up to your standards, stick with them. Columbia River Organics and Eden Organics are two of my trusted brands. Eden is committed to pure foods, is passionate and purposeful about the environment, and was the first to make can linings BPA free.”

5 / Organize it. 
“Keeping everything categorized and identifiable makes it easy for kids to grab healthy snacks. Ditch plastic packaging and decant into toxin-free, airtight glass jars. (I like to repurpose glass jars and canning jars.) Eschew plastic shelf liners for naturally antibacterial cork, and use stainless steel or jute baskets to corral potatoes, onions, and small items like baking powder and spices.”

Read Holly Davis’ weekly D Moms Daily column at moms.dmagazine.com/hollydavis.

Clean Fresh Living's Pantry Makeover Shopping List 

Holly Pellham Davis, Founder Clean Fresh Living, Inc.


Quick Meal Starters:

Chopped Organic Tomatoes- Boxed or Glass Container

Organic Reduced Sodium Free Range Chicken Stock- Boxed

Organic Cream of Mushroom Soup Boxed

Teriyaki Marinade

Reduced Sodium Organic Tamari Sauce

Organic Pasta Sauce


Eden Organics BPA Free No Salt Added Can Black Beans

Eden Organic BPA Free No Salt Added Can Pinto Beans

Organic Taco Seasonings & Taco Shells

Organic Salsa in Glass Jar

Organic, No Added Sugar or Oil, Nut Butters

Organic Whole Grain Dried Pasta

Organic Quinoa

Organic Brown Rice

Organic Buckwheat and/or Soba Noodles


Breakfast Bites:

Ezekiel 4:9 Original Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal

Organic Steel Cut Oats

Organic Whole Rolled Oats

Moms in the Raw Granola Bars (Easy DIY also)

Organic Whole Grain English Muffins

Hemp Protein Powder

Sprouted  Organic Buckwheat Groats

Sprouted Organic Flax Seeds

Organic Unsweetened Unflavored Almond Milk Boxed 


Mix Ins & Snacks:

Organic, No Sugar Added Dried Cranberries

Organic Nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds

Organic Sprouted Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds

Cacao Nibs

Organic Stove Top Popcorn Kernels

Organic Dark Chocolate Bar



Basic Oils & Baking:

Organic Pressed Olive Oil. Small Batch, Dark Glass Container

Organic Canola Oil & Non-Stick Spray 

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut Sugar

Grade B Maple Syrup or Dark Molasses

Organic Unbleached Flour

Aluminum Free Baking Powder

Organic Spices & Herbs

Unbleached Natural Salts. ie: Himalayan or Celtic 


Happy Shopping! 

XOXO, Holly





Holly Pellham Davis. Photo by: Richard KrallWith each New Year, comes new resolutions for improving our lives. But what lies at the heart of a resolution?


res·o·lu·tion \ noun \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\

“firm determination, being resolute, resolving to do something, a course of action determined or decided on.”

The Free Dictionary.com. 2011.

We are resolute in our desire to do better, be better, and live better; but what is our course of action, and how long before our firm determination becomes soft?

For many of us, losing weight, taking better care of ourselves, and increasing our quality of health tops our list every year. We typically judge our progress by how far the scales tip, and we might jump start the weight loss process by going on a juice detox, trying out the Dukan diet, or switching over to organic foods. But are we really making a lifelong change to truly better ourselves or just looking for a “quick fix?” And what happens when our determination wanes?

The answer, I have found, is to make resolutions that contain the following three components:

  1. Resolution that Reflect the person you want to become, The BEST YOU – Replace making a resolution to “lose weight” with improving and increasing your health for the long haul. Get in tune with your body, recognizing how each system is working — your skin, hormones, energy, excretion, strength, etc. Instead of dwelling on your jean size, write down and explore how you feel. This shift in attitude, belief system, and perspective, is life changing. You will become more aware of what your body needs and, in turn, more responsible and thoughtful in choosing what you “feed” or put into your body. You begin to qualify every choice you make with whether or not something is beneficial to your health. The greatest gift often comes in truly valuing yourself at a deeper level than just what the mirror is showing you. Instead, you feel what is really going on where it counts… inside.
  2. Resolutions that call you to a specific action – Perhaps there is no greater call to action than that of our health and of our family and children’s health. We see everyday how fragile life can be. Does it not make sense to support health with every choice we make? Do we need a greater motivation than the hope of living a long healthy life or the blessing of watching our children grow up? And do we not owe it to our children to set an example for them and teach them the value of their health? If we don’t, who will? Every choice we make is an action for or against what is best for our bodies and life. It all counts.
  3. Resolutions that have a PLAN — Creating an actionable game plan for how you plan to achieve a resolution is the difference between success and failure. Have a set of rules in place for achieving a healthier state, including:
  • Choosing foods that are as close to nature as possible. I always say, “God made us and God made the food he intended for us to eat.” Most of what is sold and consumed as “food” today isn’t even recognized by the human body and just causes a toxic mess inside. Choose foods that come with no packaging, have few or no “ingredients,” and aren’t heavily processed.
  • always opting for organic. Pesticides are poison on our table. If cost is a concern, serve more veggies and beans than meats at each meal (its better for you anyway). Your body needs less food when it’s real food.
  • Having a formula. Have a formula you use for every meal such as serving one lean protein (quinoa, chicken breast, wild Alaskan Salmon, beans) with two vegetables (broccoli sauté with fresh garlic and olive oil, zucchini with squash and onions.) And always have washed, fresh salad greens on hand and serve first at dinner. Once you have your formula, it’s easier to create a weekly shopping list…and stick to it.
  • thinking ahead. Plan tomorrow’s lunch along with dinner the night before by making extra protein to throw on salad greens for a super nutritious and quick meal. Or grab a sprouted wheat tortilla, use leftover beans from the night before, and toss some salad greens on top for an energy boosting meal. You can also be your own sous chef by prepping (fresh, cleaned, cut) veggies, garlic, pico de gallo, salad greens, kale, onions, chicken breast. Pair with easy to prepare staples like brown rice, quinoa, and tortillas to create quick, healthy meals like stir fry, quinoa and kale, and chicken fajitas. You can also soak steel cut oats the night before to cut cook time for breakfast. When you designate specific times during the week to clean and prepare meal ingredients, you can easily work them into your daily meal formula.


With the above three components, resolutions can now become a way of life. Eat at home as much as possible and make a commitment to gather around the table together with your family. Take time to talk, listen, and share with those you love. Let the conversation nourish you as much as the food does. The food is fuel for the body, the fellowship is food for the soul, together, they are ingredients for a truly healthy life.

I wish 2014 to be your HEALTHIEST YEAR EVER!!!!






Chances are, each one of us has been touched, directly or indirectly, by cancer. Recent headlines highlighting The National Report on Cancer’s findings that the United States was “making only small progress” against the life-threatening disease as well as the study by leading researcher and Nobel Prize winner, James Watson and his subsequent statements in an interview that, “We have no general of influence, much less power… leading our country’s war on cancer,” took my breath away.  What does that mean?!


Evaluating the above referenced study on cancer, I found the following:

“The nation is losing ground in other important areas that demand attention.  Incidence rates of some cancers are rising including melanoma of the skin, non-Hodgkin lymphoma,childhood cancer, cancers of the kidney and renal pelvis, leukemia, thyroid, pancreas, liver and intrahepatic bile duct, testis, myeloma, and esophagus.” – National Cancer Institute

Childhood cancer and three different blood cancers (all highly environmental) were cited as among cancers on the rise!

I hate this disease.


Two years ago, I chaired the Leukemia Lymphoma St. Valentines Day Luncheon supporting blood cancer research and support. I love this organization. I created a document for the luncheon that year in hopes of encouraging people to think about and hopefully initiate steps to reduce their risks for cancer.

In honor of this year’s event on February 12th at the Meyerson and as part of my life’s passion to spread the word for cancer prevention, I wanted to share the document’s content with my D Moms Daily readers.


Reducing Your Risk of Cancer: Clean Fresh Living’s Top 12 List

  • Exercise daily and lose any excess weight.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water daily purified, at minimum, by reverse osmosis.

  • Eliminate processed meats and reduce red meat from your diet.

  • Consume a daily diet high in colorful vegetables; Eat organically grown fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

  • Use only non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers in your home and yard.

  • Test and improve the air quality in your home, office, and school.

  • Eliminate plastic and non-stick surfaced products containing PFOA’s from your kitchen. Do not use #1,3,6,7 plastics.

  • Use only non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products in your home, school, and workplace.

  • Avoid radiation exposure such as cellphone, microwave and x-rays that bio-accumulate. (CT scan, dental, etc)

  • Greatly reduce sugars, processed foods and alcohol and eliminate preservatives, artificial sweeteners and dyes from your diet and toothpaste (and fluoride from toothpastes.)

  • Reduce the amount of toxins you are absorbing through your skin, into your body, by using natural beauty and personal care products and eliminating artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and oxybenzone.

  • Take a vitamin D supplement and probiotic daily


Yours in Health,






Holly was recently on "Good Morning Texas" sharing some Healthy Tips for 2013!


The Basis of Most Disease we See today from Autism to ALL forms of Cancer: An Excerpt from Research Study released yesterday on the effects of Dioxane on not only the human directly exposed, but proved at least Three Generations down effected as well. You have heard before from me, but a girl always likes to have back up. :)


See this:


"The cause of the higher rates of disease in these [third generation] animals was not due to direct exposure, but rather through transmission of changes in the code that regulates gene expression,” said Abby Benninghoff, who specializes in epigenetics at Utah State University. She was not involved with the study.

Scientists have long known that environmental exposures can cause genetic mutations. But now epigenetics experts are finding that some exposures seem capable of changing how genes are expressed, or turned on and off, without actually damaging the genes. These changes then can be inherited by future generations."

*** So again, as much as you can help it- protect yourself from harmful chemicals! "DETOX YOUR LIFE" (I am beginning a new Series on this soon) The decisions you make TODAY will EFFECT your GREAT GRANDCHILDREN. God Bless. 

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