The Gut-Brain Connection. Probiotics.

The Gut-Brain Connection. Probiotics.

  By Holly Pellham Davis Many of us can relate to the feeling that our gut has a mind of its own, often over-ruling the main processing unit above our...

Looking Beyond the Headlines

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3 Keys to A Successful School Year

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Choose THIS over THAT for a Healthier Home

Choose THIS over THAT for a Healthier Home

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Let's Go To the Farmers Market

Let's Go To the Farmers Market

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Holly Pellham Davis Picks Non-Toxic Polish

Holly Pellham Davis Picks Non-Toxic Polish

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A BIG thank you to Abby Gregory and Lisa Petty of the Premier Dallas online Fashion Magazine, "DFW Style Daily" for featuring me in their "Obession Confession" segment.  What can I say, there is a commom thread between the way I dress, what I eat and how I live! 


Truth is, I believe that if your individual personal style reflects who you are, who you aspire to be and the energy you want to send out into the world... then you've acheived a look that will never go out of style. 





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By Abby Gregory



A sought-after organic lifestyle consultant, Holly Pellham Davis defines wholesome living. So, needless to say, we were especially giddy when this good girl agreed to take DFW Style Daily’s Obsession Confession challenge!



Through her company Clean Fresh Living, the Dallas entrepreneur and mom of two leverages more than a decade of research and experience in the wellness industry. In addition to helping families understand and implement healthy habits, Davis continues to expand her mission as a regular contributor to D Magazine, among other notable local pubs. Today, she confesses an aesthetic obsession that reflects her expertise. These sleek picks may inspire a dose of glamorous minimalism in your wardrobe, too.



The Obsession: Simplicity is a necessity for this multi-tasker, who craves “clean lines and balance” from work to wardrobe.

The Confession: “A pattern that’s cut just right, seams that come together perfectly, and fabrics that fall and drape effortlessly represent incredibly difficult craftsmanship,” Davis notes of her sartorial requirements. “These qualities define elegance.”

The Rationalization: Explaining her devotion to seemingly effortless aesthetics, Davis adds, “I am a big believer that true greatness is reflected by doing the most simple, beautiful things very well, because they present the greatest challenge.”



The Collection: Recalling a most memorable minimalist moment – her wedding gown – purchased off the rack at the Calvin Kleinboutique, then located in Highland Park Village, our expert describes, “No ‘foof,’ frills, or fittings! Just a well-designed, amazingly cut dress in a gorgeous fabric that fit like it was made for me. It was true love.”

Shop ItHelmut LangBrunello CucinelliRag & BoneJames Perse, and Vince rank among Davis’ favorite clean-lined labels. Shown above: Rag & Bone Blazer ($495), James Perse Tank ($45), and Helmut Lang Dress ($255). All via Net-a-Porter.


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Photo credits: 1. Headshot by Richard Krall, 2., 3.