Choose THIS over THAT for a Healthier Home

Choose THIS over THAT for a Healthier Home

Choose THIS over THAT!   by: Holly Pellham Davis, Clean Fresh Living for your Home.   Detoxing your home can feel overwhelming at times, but the truth is, it is...

Let's Go To the Farmers Market

Let's Go To the Farmers Market

By Holly Pellham Davis *******   They say, “you canʼt take the farm out of the girl,” and, well, I confirmed that this weekend. As soon as I stepped onto the grounds of the...

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Holly Pellham Davis Picks Non-Toxic Polish

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Holly Pellham Davis discusses Beauty & Wellness at BeautyLive Galleria Dallas

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What's in the Water?

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All About Holly Pellham Davis




By Holly Pellham Davis


Thereʼs nothing that says “Summer” like flip flops and a snow cone, but do they have to come with crude oil, artificial ingredients, chemicals and the multitude of potential health risks associated with these all to common toxic substances?


“No way!”, says me.


So letʼs do a little summer product makeover and replace these bad boys with non-toxic, safe, environmentally friendly options sure to keep your kiddos cool, happy, and healthy!




The No-Go: “ Jellyʼs “ or plastic varieties of flip flops are cheap and so darn c-u-t-e, but they have a dirty little secret. They are commonly made of PVC, also called "the poison plastic," which contains harmful plasticizers including BPA, a known endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen in the body, increasing risk of breast cancer, testicular cancer, and causing reproductive problems. PVC is also destructive to the environment and can not be cleanly recycled without creating highly carcinogenic and deadly dioxane. The chemicals in the plastic flip flops degrade with body heat and are absorbed into the body. These chemicals bio-accumulate making them especially concerning and harmful. Look for the PVC materials label on the product, although it it not always labeled as such. 

The "Clean Fresh" Flip Flop Alternative: We want Flip Flops that stay true to their native feel, so make sure they are made of earth materials like natural rubber (not synthetic which contains crude oil). These cutie patooties from Planet Flops hit the green trifecta by being non-toxic, planet friendly, and cute.. Also, Feelgoodz (available at Whole Foods too!)  do just that with use of their natural rubber & hemp materials and super fun designs for the entire fam including little boys who sometimes get the short end of the stick in the cute shoes department.



The No-Go: Letʼs face it, a hot Texas summer can create LOTS of stink… but thereʼs no reason to douse ourselves & puberty entering kiddos with chemical cocktails! Store shelves & bathroom cabinets alike are chock full of aluminum containing antiperspirants which prevents the body from sweating but also is a brain toxin attributed to alzheimerʼs, dementia, and kidney problems. Further, all  bio- accumulates making repeated exposure high risk. Deodorants and antiperspirants (perfumes and colognes as well) contain artificial fragrances, such as carcinogenic synthetic musk, heavy metals, crude oil/petrolatum, and parabens, which act as estrogens and promote the growth of cancer cells. They can also contain other chemicals designed to transfer the chemicals deeper into your skin like propylene glycol (found in anti-freeze) or anti-bacterials like triclosan, which are proven endocrine disruptors and are passed into breast milk (Triclosan also reacts with chlorinated water). “Crystal” versions are really no better for you, as they only possess different toxic ingredients. Bottom line, itʼs no “Secret” that we need to “Ban” these and other toxic chemicals from deodorants and antiperspirants to a large “Degree.”



The "Clean Fresh" Deodorant Alternatives: We have tested a LOT of deodorants, and Iʼll be honest, if you’re really sweating, youʼre probably going to need to keep your arms by your side and discreetly head towards the bathroom where you can grab a soapy wet towel for a quick wipe off. But on your average day, you should be more than fine and your body systems will thank you as they work as they are designed to rid your body of toxins, not accumulate more. Alternative, clean deodorants are especially vital for kids and teenagers as their hormones are raging (we certainly do not need chemicals mimicking and interfering with them). Above are a few of our faves that keep us smelling sweet! Weleda has a few different scents. My daughter and I use the Rose which is wonderful and refreshing. My teenaged son needs double duty so he opts for the Weleda Sage spray on top of the Jason Apricot which is does the trick. You can find them at Natural Grocer or Whole Foods. My husband prefers the Natureʼs Gate or Jason's!  


The No-Go: Deep breath. This is a hot issue for me. Spray sunscreens should be banned from existence. They contain harmful chemicals and nano mineral (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) particles that can be inhaled and enter the bloodstream through the lungs with the possibility of causing damage to vital organs. The FDA recently banned all SPF (nano) from loose mineral powders, due to this health risk. If you prefer a spray, please choose a pump instead of an aerosol and use a stick SPF on the face which gives better coverage without the added risk. Also be sure to look for brands without chemical sunscreens such as avobenzone and oxybenzone and refrain from applying spray sunscreens in public places, as it will put others at risk.

The "Clean Fresh" No-Spray Sunscreen Alternatives: Best advice is to stick with a mineral-based, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30. Make sure it is free of vitamin A and chemical ingredients that enhance skin absorption such as octinoxate. Also avoid sunscreen/bug repellent combos. My favorite healthy sunscreen for kiddos are the Badger Face Stick and Aubrey lotion. For myself, I love Renee Rouleau Age Defense MoisturizerEco Brand Sunscreen,  and Raw Elements Sunscreen.



The No-Go: Thereʼs nothing worse than toxic kisses… Sadly, most lip balms aimed at kiddos are just that. Underneath the colorful packaging and candy-flavored goodness, they’re filled with high levels of crude oil by way of petrolatum, mineral oil, and paraffin flavored in saccharin. Oh and don’t forget the crude oil based dyes, toxic chemicals, fragrance, and heavy metals. YIKES!

The "Clean Fresh"(& Kissable) Lip Balm Alternative: I am addicted to lip balm. I have it by my bedside, in the console of my car, on my desk…everywhere! My very favorite lip balm on the planet is MyChelle Love Your Lips  in Raspberry Cherry Pineapple. It has good stuff in it like coconut oil, smells good naturally without any artificial fragrances and chemicals, and, most important, can be used by kids without fear they are harming their health. I have given away dozens of these and always hear how much people love them.



The No-Go: Who doesnʼt like an refreshing and yummy snow cone, shaved ice, or icy-pop on a steaming hot day? I have several festive friends that have snow cone machines armed and ready! Itʼs such a bummer that neon blue, bright red, and psychedelic yellow have to be full of petro chemical based dyes, highly processed sweeteners, artificial flavorings, preservatives, binders, and chemicals that cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity and are just plain not good for your health.

The "Clean Fresh" Snow Cone Alternative: Just like there are alternatives to artificial colors and flavors in candy, there are alternatives in snow cone syrups! Try ordering some of these organic snow cone syrups from Natures Flavours. (The blueberry and strawberry would be perfect for July 4th). You may have to compromise on super bright, multi colors, but you will not compromise your families health by eating them – and the best part is, they still taste great and help you beat the heat!

Here's to a Happy Healthy Summer!





Choose THIS over THAT!


by: Holly Pellham Davis, Clean Fresh Living for your Home.


Detoxing your home can feel overwhelming at times, but the truth is, it is all about making small changes and choices that add up to big differences in your health. 


Did you know that conventional rinse aids only need to disclose active ingredients and state that they may or may not contain carcinogens or possible carcinogens? That means they can contain lots of nasty stuff and not tell us about it! These chemicals are not only harmful to humans, but plants, animals and fish as well! The truth is that the squeaky clean dishwasher is so good at cleaning, that it strips the water of chemicals such as chlorine, chloroform and other VOC's in the steam process. Combine that with your rinse aid and you may be wishing for your "spotty" dishes back! 


Follow these Simple Rules to Detox your Dishes :


  • Choose a grain based White Vinegar over a conventional Rinse Aid.
  • Place the white vinegar in a stainless steel cup in the dishwasher or in the rinse aid compartment.
  • Run your dishwasher at night to avoid the toxic steam release into the air and never open the dishwasher door and release the steam. 
  • NEVER put plastic in the dishwasher. Handwash in warm, soapy water and hand dry instead.


Not only will your home be healthier, but you will save money! This 5 liter bottle of white vinegar from Costco was less that $4.00! Beat that!


Here's to choosing THIS over THAT for a Clean Fresh Home!




Holly Pellham Davis

Clean Fresh Living






By Holly Pellham Davis *******


They say, “you canʼt take the farm out of the girl,” and, well, I confirmed that this weekend. As soon as I stepped onto the grounds of the Chestnut Square Farmerʼs Market in McKinney, my heart soared.


Not to overstate something completely obvious, but we need farmers. They grow the food we eat, right? Sadly, not so much anymore. The days of family owned farms growing organic or non-genetically modified crops are almost a distant memory. Corporate giants in agriculture control our food supply by having over a 50% market share in every category, some as high as 90%, giving them the control to dictate prices on both the buying and selling side. US government subsidies and the control of Monsanto and their ever increasing power have left consumers with less choices and higher prices. Not only has it pushed our small family farmer out of business, but it also leaves us with mass-produced, highly-chemically-treated “food.”


On the flip side, less than 1% of the population in America claim farming as their occupation. Farm production expenses average over $100,000 per year, per farm, and less than 1 in 4 farms in the US produce gross revenues over $50,000. Yet, farmers are the backbone of America. How are we not supporting them? I believe firmly that if you buy local and support small organic farmers, you can change the world.


The good news is that a number of grass roots movement to support local farmers, especially organic, have recently sprouted up and, it seems, the tide is beginning to turn…the key is to keep the momentum going, as the benefits of supporting small, local farmers are as plentiful as the nutrients their precious crops yield.


Here are a few of the most important benefits of shopping local farmers:


It gives more power to the purchaser. By buying from local farmers, you are exercising your right to have a choice and “voting with your dollars.” It provides local income to an essential profession. By buying directly from the farmer, they reap the benefit of all their hard work by retaining more of the profit instead of it going to the retailer. And you can save a little money too!


It’s positive for the environment. Local foods are good for the environment, reducing carbon footprint & supporting farms in your communities. More dirt, less concrete = happy Earth!


It’s healthier. Nutrient levels are highest when crops are freshly picked and eaten / frozen immediately. Local, fresh, organic foods are the most nutritious! What is good for your health is also good for the health of the Earth.


Here my tips for a successful (and fun) outing to your local Farmers Market:

  • Use this map to find a Farmerʼs Market near you.(This is the market I went to last weekend, and I LOVED it!)
  • Be sure to bring a cross-body bag and lots of cash, as most vendors don’t take checks or credit cards.
  • You’ll also want to have plenty of canvas shopping bags and mesh produce bags on hand as well as one soft pack insulated cooler bag with ice for eggs, goats milk, meats, or any other item that needs refrigeration.
  • If you’re planning to purchase organic, pasture raised eggs (which I highly recommend), save and carry your own paper compostable egg cartons, as most vendors put their eggs in Styrofoam cartons. Send a message, set an example, and protect the Earth by bringing your own paper carton.
  • Make sure the produce is local. If the fruits or veggies are adorned with code stickers or the vendor has brand name opened produce boxes stacked up behind their display table, somethingʼs up, and chances are its been purchased at a wholesaler for retail sale. You’re aiming to give your business to our hardworking local farmers.
  • Don’t’ be afraid to ask questions! Ask if its organic. Ask what they use on their crops. Ask if they spray. If you’re not confident the product is truly organic, don’t be afraid to walk away.
  • Eye your pick. Know exactly the one you want before you ask about it.
  • Trust your nose. Smell your produce. A tomato should smell like dirt, a cantaloupe should smell sweet.
  • Choose brightest, deepest in color of the selection, as they often are the highest in nutrients.
  • Be open to experience different foods. Try white radishes, turnip greens, rhubarb, purple hull peas (one of my faves), different peppers and herbs. Avoid corn and conventional berries, peaches, and potatoes.


Remember you can freeze. Many crops can be cleaned and “put up” or frozen for later use. I love to freeze okra, green beans, berries, and peas so we can enjoy their goodness all year. 


So how about joining me next Saturday, at your local farmers market? Facebook or tweet (links below) me your photos, questions, or comments while your there. Iʼd love to hear from you!







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